We will make sure that you are able to fully concentrate on your sport, by means of helping you out in all kind of situations on and off the ice. This will give you the chance to focus on your own thing and thus to be successful. Thanks to our experience, we are aware of all the relevant aspects of an athlete’s career and will assist and support you with all the important decisions you will have to make.

Our core competence lies in finding the appropriate sports club for you and ensuring a safe negotiation of contract conditions. We have excellent contacts with clubs abroad, especially in North America, which can be of an enormous interest for our young ice hockey players from Germany.

Further services include elaboration of performance diagnostics and preparation of customized training plans for the summer. Additionally, another essential element for us is a sportsman’s personal development, because the mental component is clearly the key to becoming a successful professional athlete. In this context we will let you benefit from our experience sharing our own know-how and adding our professional partners' support whenever necessary.

In order to provide you the optimal preparation for the time after the sports career and for cases of injury, choosing the right insurance plan, reasonable investments and suitable provisions is a big concern to us. Our knowledge acquired over the years, as well as our renowned network of partners will enable the best possible solution customized just for you. We also consider an option for you combining your athlete's career with professional training or studies. Consequently we will help you to enjoy your life as a professional and also ensure you a perfect preparation for the life after sports.

We put our focus on giving you the optimal advise in all kind of matters in order to make the most out of your potential. We strive after a close collaboration with you and place great emphasis on a relation based on honesty and friendship between you and us.