A professional athlete's career can begin in a very early age and therefore requires a professional and individualized career planning. One has to take into account the circumstance that the profession of an athlete is limited in time and can be over quite quickly. Consequently, it's extremely important to avoid any kind of errors and pursue the right way right from the beginning. We are glad to have always been making correct decisions and would be happy to share our experiences.

We scan for young talents in junior national teams and offer special courses to promising talents at the beginning and end of the summer, mainly in the school holidays. These courses include technical and tactical training, as well as cardio and strength training units. If needed, we also request performance diagnostics in order to create customized training plans for the summer. In order to guarantee psychological support for the exciting life of a professional athlete, our courses also include personal marketing and mental coaching units. After all, an athlete needs to have the capacity to deal with victories and defeats, in public, the press and social media.

Talented athletes can benefit from our knowledge since we are able to provide the right advice for a long and successful career. We provide assistance with the first major decisions like selecting the club that offers the best opportunities of development. Logically, we also have the best contacts to North America in order to assist our players when they are located overseas.

Finally, we also assist you in all the other situations a professional athlete may experience. For that reason, we take care of the athlete’s career even once his sports career is over. In that sense, we can use our extensive network of partners for the purpose of finding you a distance learning course or a professional training program.