The agency in german ice hockey for
player mediation & -management

We are two team players who have been captivated by ice hockey for decades and have been united since then by a deep friendship. Our mission consists in providing support to both young talents and experienced professionals, on and off the ice, and even in the moment when a player gets sidelined.

Sportfreund accompanies talents on their journey to becoming professionals and enables them, through its expert advice, to have a successful career. We would like to pass to young talents and established professionals our knowledge gained from an incomparable experience of over 60 years of professional careers and over 30 years of friendship.

We place our main focus on personal assistance and sports management. But Sportsfreund and its renowned partners will also provide their competent support in all the other matters on and off the ice throughout the duration of a career and even after it.


A selection of our assisted players by Sportsfreund you can find here.