We take our experience from countless DEL games, international competitions, World Championships, Olympic Games and over 60 years of professional careers, titles and cup wins, as well as from our University Degrees in Business Administration and Sports Management.

We met at the old Brehmstraße stadium back in 1982 and have become inseparable friends thanks to all the experiences we’ve shared, our successful moments and defeats. We wouldn't want to miss this friendship and experience, since they brought innumerable unforgettable moments to us.

Now our mission consists in making a successful and memorable professional career also possible to you by means of sharing our enthusiasm, our experience and knowledge with you. We know exactly what it takes to be a professional athlete, thus we will be able to show you the right path through a sportsman’s life. Of course, we are official licensed agents of the German Ice Hockey League (DEL).

We look forward to working with you!