Sportsfreund David, born in Dusseldorf in 1976, was playing in the junior team of the DEG between 1982 and 1997 and won the German runner-up title three times during that period. After that, David started to play for the Ratingen Ice Aliens and later for the EV Duisburg. Nevertheless, subsequently he devoted himself to his BA studies with his specialization in marketing, business law and HR management. Despite his studies, he has constantly stayed loyal to the game of hockey and won five times the German Inline hockey championship with the DEG Rhein Rollers. Since 2000, David is also a part of the DEG tradition team.

After finishing his BA studies, David spent six years working for different companies, focusing especially on Live Communication, Marketing and Sales.

As the manager of his brother Niki and the advisor of some close friends like Daniel Kreutzer, David is remaining closely connected to the ice hockey. For this reason, he is constantly following all the developments of the hockey business not just with a great enthusiasm, but also taking into account the economic point of view. This joint knowledge is turning his management skills into all-embracing and highly holistic.