Our motivation is based on our love for the world's fastest team sport: ice hockey. We would be delighted to share our enthusiasm and pass our experience to young athletes. We pride ourselves by always acting with passion, commitment and joy.

Our concern is to assist ambitious players with all kind of matters and to stand constantly by their side. We want our players to fully concentrate on their careers knowing that we will be taking care of any matter that may occur, no matter of what nature it may be.

Besides the sports consulting we place great emphasis on a player's personal development, considering it absolutely essential for a successful career and personal satisfaction. After all, hockey is not only about victories to be celebrated, but also about accepting defeats, learning from them and ending up growing over them. For this reason we would like to convey the following values because they are of a particular importance to us: sincerity, determination, discipline and fairness.

Furthermore, we always keep in mind a player's future, and consequently put emphasis on the personal security and provisions. After all, life after a professional career requires a careful preparation work. We are very glad to be able to rely on an extensive network of long-time partners so that our support can cover all kind of questions.

We are great team players and strive after a long and intense cooperation based on mutual trust and friendship.